Personal Layout System

"We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works." Douglas Adams

Personal Templating System

I have personally developed an advanced templating system, specially designed for fluid, error-free formats across all browsers and devices. This method uses a simple 4 step component system (2 options for further design customization).

This templating system can start at any size, but I typically go for large format monitor sizes (1280px) on down to the smallest phone (320px). But the system is independent of the size. So 2 or 3 settings will allow you to change the size of the entire website.

This system is not restrained to custom websites either. It can be used inside a Wordpress or Drupal CMS. We just need to start out with a skeleton or boilerplate theme.

The basic layout in order of priority

  1. Screen wrapper: (wraps the entire website at 100% and sets the design for custom positioning)
  2. Inner wrapper [Option 1]: (also wraps the entire website, but allows for custom backgrounds and shadows if requested)
  3. Header / Footer Wrappers [Option 2]: (allows for breakout designs specifically for header and footer)
  4. 16 column sizing grid, for arrangement of any possible layout combinations with perfect percentage spans at 6.25% (6.25 x 16 = 100)
  5. Container inside each column for content positioning
  6. Inner wrapper inside each container to style as needed without touching the grid

This system adheres to web-standards. But it also allows for heavy customization without compromising those standards. It is also a "single-load" design. This means that there are no patches or augments to fix design problems. Many templates will have these patches which load on top of the previously loaded design. "Double loading or more".

What you end up with is a high-performance website that loads cleanly. It can be as simple or as complex as you like, and it (my system) will not degrade or become obsolete over time (although the content might).

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