Services Offered

We work hard to fully understand our clients business so that we might find the best design solutions and tailor them to their specific needs and goals.

This page covers the scope of our Web Solutions Services

However! The following list will not be within the scope of Slyd Studios Contracts. This could be because of time constraints with managing projects, or simply because I don't have the ability. This information will also be noted in the terms of the contract.

Getting it online

Set it up

The first steps to a new website is getting it prepared. Do you have a domain name picked out? What host will you use? What features do you need? What is the type of website? Do you need SSL? A database? Once these questions are answered, we can move towards the setup process.

  • Determine the type of site you require.
  • Purchase a web hosting account.
  • Purchase the domain (in most cases, a domain is purchased along with the account).
  • Set up email addresses.

Build the web


It can arguably be said that the design is the most important aspect of the site. This is what draws your customers first look, and it can keep them, or send them away. Themes should attract a large and varied target audience, but still make your business stand out.

  • Choose theme (or build on the default one). Check compatibility with type of site before purchase.
  • Integrate into your site. (no content is added at this point).
  • Establish the Site Architecture as needed.
  • Set up the basic client information. Logo(if available), locations, addresses, email addresses and links, copyright info.

Add functionality


So the theme is integrated and looking good. But there is still alot of behind the scenes work to do to make it a truly professional site.

  • Modify to create dynamic header / footer.
  • Modify to create dynamic theme elements.
  • PHP/MySQL, HTML, CSS programming or customization.
  • Enhance or add functionality to Site, eCommerce or CMS components.
  • Optimize the code library and remove unused / unneeded elements.

Get it noticed


Having your site come up in a search drives additional business your way. We work together to build an SEO architecture so that your site will rise to the top of the heap.

  • Name and Title the pages correctly.
  • Add meta-descriptions to all your pages.
  • Establish a keyword plan to use in strategic locations.
  • Work with Social Media, Blogs and Feeds to establish backtrack links.

Learn & Grow


We won't leave you blind when your site is complete. You will learn how to work with content, images, add-ons, basic formatting tags and anything else required to keep your site active and current.

  • Create new pages and edit existing ones.
  • Format content and insert / align images.
  • Learn add-on galleries, forms and additional funcionality.
  • Create good looking blogs, articles and news feeds.

Maintain & Optimize


A website ages, believe it or not. As new versions of programming languages appear, browsers are updated, plugins are updated... it is likely that some functionality will (eventually) cease to work. We take preventative measures, but in the case where an update is needed, we can keep your site functional and running clean.

  • Create a scalable site to make updates as painless as possible.
  • Keep backups at update points, in case a need to revert is necessary.
  • Optimize your site, occasionally cleaning the database to keep away spam.
  • Run analyization tools to fix broken links, tags, and clean page formatting errors.

All of our Web Solutions Services

Setup: Host, Domain, Web

Set up the environment to begin the building of your website.

Design & Theming

Choose and build in the theme and appropriate components.


Work with the theme, website, CMS, database and eCommerce platforms to enhance and expand functionality.


Determine and set up file names, titles, meta-descriptions, keywords and tags to optimize search presence.


Train client on how to add content, images and basic formatting practices.


Site, theme, module & extension upgrades, database optimization, error diagnosis and resolution.

Site Rebuild

Rebuild your site, all or in part, for that perfect look and feel.


Customize elements of any type of site to improve and enhance functionality.

Apps & User Interaction

Set up blogs, event calendars, RSS & News Feeds, Forums, etc...

API's & Utilities

Interaction between your site & Social Media. Trip Planners, Custom Maps & other Widgets.

Social Media

Create & Customize any Social Media pages.



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