Overview of Contracts

John Worth

Address: 234 E. Main Street Apt. 2nd Floor
Westminster, MD. 21157

Phone: (410) 812-3711
Email: john@slyd-studios.com


The contracts on this website are binding and a commitment between Client and Slyd Studios (which may also include additional developers and/or freelancers hired to work on this project). The contract conditions shall state the work needed to complete the project as was specified. Any contracts signed by the client and developer(s) shall be adhered to in the same manner as any other professional contract.

A website has many functions, some on the "public" side and some on the "private" administration site. We recognize that a contract may not cover all the unforseen circumstances that become known in the process of building a website. This issues may be addressed as they appear, and there is the possibility that they may infer extra charges. A negotiation shall take place and a separate ammendment shall be added to the original.